This blog is for all of us who have dutifully jotted down the title of a book a mentor, speaker, or instructor has recommended, lined our shelves with the books from our boss’s reading list, and filled our e-readers with purchases that gain actual and virtual dust. It is for those of us who scan our shelves and know we have read the books, but can’t remember what, if anything, was interesting or relevant to our professional life.

The title “The Palladium Pen” combines two concepts – that of the Palladium which was an icon of Athena meant to protect the city and people of Troy and the idea that scholarship and academia are critical to successful military ventures. Soldier-scholars are our nation’s best defense.

The author of this blog is LTC Christina A. Bembenek

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed on this site do not state or reflect those of the Department of Defense or the United States government.