Brief: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less

by Joseph McCormack


Successful people know how to relay information accurately, concisely, and make it stick.

I used the BRIEF map below to summarize the book – a BRIEF map is a “sticky” way to effectively structure a written or oral briefing: provide background, explain relevance, relay key information, clearly end, and prepare for follow-up questions/tasks.


Use narratives to explain messages and give clarity and context.

NarrativeTo carry on an effective conversation, TALC:

  • Talk and be prepared with a clear response to your partners message.
  • Actively Listen by focusing on the message, especially the parts that interest you, and be prepared to ask an open-ended question when it is your turn to speak.
  • Converse by jumping in during a natural pause; keep your responses short.

4. Display information graphically as much as possible – a picture is worth a thousand      words. Use a whiteboard, videos, pictures, or draw during your presentation.

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